Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK - Release Notes - Version

Published: 19.12.2022

Version is a minor release of the Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK.


This version is fully backwards compatible with the previous version of the Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK.

New features

  • The SDK is now available as a static framework
  • Bridging Message Extension support for EMVCo Protocol Version 2.2.0
  • Removed support for iOS 10
  • Added an additional intermediate certificate to the mastercard pre-configured certificates


  • Updated the union pay device data encryption certificate
  • Improved simulator detection for M1 architecture
  • Improved message extension handling
  • Updated the OTP screen submit button to have the correct button type (was CONTINUE, changed to SUBMIT)
  • Updated the branding zone to hide the image view if image data is missing from the Challenge Response

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error where the security warning checks implementation would cause the SDK to crash due to synchronization issues
  • Fixed an issue with the concurrency framework import that occurred in older xcode versions