Netcetera Android 3DS SDK - Release Notes - Version 2.2.0

Published: 09.10.2019

Version 2.2.0 is a major release of the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK 2.

Respective Integration Guide version: documentation site.


This version is fully backwards compatible with previous versions of the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK.


  • Decrease the number of third party dependencies.
  • Remove Picasso as third party library
  • Repackage Apache Commons and Tiff Bitmap Factory into the SDK
  • Remove pre-configured invalid directory server IDs
  • Improve error handling with more detailed error messages and error codes
  • Improve sizing of Payment System and Issuer logo images on challenge screens

Bug fixes

  • Fix locale validation in ThreeDS2Service.initialize(...)
  • Fix validation of certificate in ACS signed content validation
  • Fix crash when application goes to background while performing challenge
  • Fix Payment System and Issuer logo images on challenge screens not showing on Android 4.4.4

Documentation updates

  • Define error codes in Netcetera 3DS SDK error codes
  • Thread safety documentation in 3DS SDK API: Authentication
  • Update pre-configured directory server IDs pre-configured directory server IDs
  • Document NetworkSecurityPolicy restrictions for Android 28 Network Security Policy - Cleartext Traffic