Netcetera Android 3DS SDK - Release Notes - Version

Published: 03.07.2020

Version is a minor release of the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK 2.

Respective Integration Guide version: documentation site.


This version is fully backwards compatible with the previous version of the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK.

New features


  • Decreased the number of third party dependencies.
    • Removed Findbugs JSR305 as third party library
    • Removed jose.4.j as third party library (it is now repackaged/embedded into the SDK)
  • Error logs no longer present regarding device data parameters with missing permissions
  • Updated the color of the challenge screen warning icon in order to be more inline with the EMVCo 3DS specification
  • Updated challenge response validation to match the EMVCo 3DS specification updates
  • Limited OTP input to 45 characters in order to be inline with the EMVCo 3DS specification
  • Netcetera Android 3DS SDK Demo Application now follows the MVVM structural design pattern

Bug fixes

  • Screenshot capture is now only disabled for challenge screens
  • Fixed crash when the application is opened after being killed by the Android system during challenge flow
  • Challenge screen UI state no longer resets when an activity configuration change occurs (such as orientation)

Documentation updates