Netcetera Android 3DS SDK - Release Notes - Version

Published: 06.09.2021

Version is a minor release of the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK 2.

Respective Integration Guide version: documentation site.

Important Note: Mastercard’s and Visa’s certificates that are pre-bundled in the 3DS SDK will not be valid after October 31. The card networks, Visa and Mastercard, mandate that new certificates should be updated by October 31st. For this purpose, by October 31st, the Netcetera 3DS SDK integrators that use the pre-bundled certificates, must update and use this version of the 3DS SDK. Please note that the Amex certificate will also expire on December 3rd. Amex will provide the new certificate in October and once the certificate is available, we will provide new 3DS SDK release.


This version is fully backwards compatible with the previous version of the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK.

New features

  • Added consumer proguard rules (there is no more need to define the 3DS SDK related proguard rules explicitly)
  • The ErrorMessage class now contains additional fields for getting the component, message type and message version of the error that has occurred during the challenge flow


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with uncaught error can lead to a crash
  • Fixed handling of some html challenge forms

Documentation updates