This document serves as a guide for the 3DS SDK integrator of the Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK, providing details how should the SDK be configured and integrated into an iOS application or library.

Please check the release notes pages for detailed release notes about the current and previous versions of the Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK.

System Requirements

Swift 4.2, 5The 3DS SDK is developed in Swift development language. These are the supported Swift versions by the Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK.
Xcode 11.4 and above (latest supported version 13.4)Xcode versions that can be used to integrate the Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK.
Objective-CThe SDK can also be used in an Objective-C application or library, proper bridging is implemented.
iOS 10Minimum iOS version that the SDK supports.

Note: Due to deprecation, beginning with the next iOS 3DS SDK minor release, iOS 10 & 11 will no longer be supported. The minimum XCode version will be updated as well.


The Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK delivery includes:

  • iOS 3DS SDK XCFramework
  • License file
  • Integration Guide documentation for the SDK
  • Netcetera Merchant Demo app - sample requestor app
  • Guide for the demo app

Versioning and Update Policy

The Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK follows the software versioning convention. The releases have semantic versioning scheme, meaning the version name will be composed of PROTOCOL.MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

  • PROTOCOL - major protocol version, i.e. 2
  • MAJOR - new features
  • MINOR - improvements
  • PATCH - bug or security fix

Because of limitations by Apple, the minor and patch numbers are concatenated together. When ThreeDS2ServiceSDK.getSDKVersion() is called, the concatenated version will be returned, i.e. for version, the returned string would be 2.2.10.

It is recommended that the 3DS Requestor App always uses the latest available version of the SDK.

EMVCo 3DS Protocol Versions

The Netcetera iOS 3DS SDK supports the 2.1.0 & 2.2.0 3DS protocol versions.

Latest Supported EMVCo Specification Bulletins

Supporting documentation

Relevant documents that are specific to the EMV 3-D Secure protocol and could be used in conjunction with this guide:


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