Netcetera 3DS Server - Release Notes - Version


Published: 09.02.2021

Version is a minor release of the Netcetera 3DS Server.


This version is backwards compatible with previous 2.2.x.x versions of the Netcetera 3DS Server.


New Features

  • Handling of newly introduced messageCategory values from Mastercard: 85 and 86. Message Category 85 (PVPA) is used for production validation of payment transactions and Message Category 86 (PVNPA) is used for production validation of non-payment transactions. These transactions follows the same processing logic as a payment (message category = 01 - PA) and as a non-payment (message category = 02 - NPA) transaction respectively.
  • Proper adjustment of not standard values for browserColorDepth field. Accepted values are:
    • 1 -> 1 bit
    • 4 -> 4 bits
    • 8 -> 8 bits
    • 15 -> 15 bits
    • 16 -> 16 bits
    • 24 -> 24 bits
    • 32 -> 32 bits
    • 48 -> 48 bits

If the value is not in the accepted values, it will be resolved to the first accepted value lower from the one provided.

  • Timeout configuration on scheme level introduced for 3DS 1 transactions.
  • Improve handling of overlapping card ranges by not blocking the transaction if the range specific data for the overlapping ranges does not differ.


  • Pagination introduced on Merchant presentation in Admin UI to support large set of data.
  • Access of Card Ranges per transaction optimized.
  • Documentation for API requests on Enum values improved.
  • Support added for values 80–99 which are reserved for DS use, on the messageCategory field. Documentation added for these values.
  • Removed «Relax regional validation rules» flag from both the API and the configuration. This flag was used for requesting 'relaxation' of validation rules the 3DS Server performs over the Cardholder data API fields marked as required unless market or regional mandate restricts sending this information. From now on, such fields will be validated as optional always.
  • Reloading mechanism of Configuration for 3DS Server improved. Results in faster reloading of the changes.
  • Removed American Express specific validation rules for merchantRiskIndicator fields. merchantRiskIndicator fields will be validated only if they are available.

Bug Fixes

  • browserColorDepth field changed from Enum to String. For more info see Browser.
  • Admin UI behaviour on Search Transactions tab, pagination action issue is solved. It was resulting in reset of default column presentation each time control from pagination was used.
  • Broken search in Admin UI User Management section fixed.
  • Validation was not applied upon Directory and Upop Server credentials. Empty values were allowed to be stored. Validation of credentials on scheme level introduced, that is affected on persistence and domain configuration validation.
  • 3DS Server Reference Number was not validated as mandatory when adding 3DS 2.x Directory Service configuration. Now validation is added in the backend and it is reflected in the Admin UI.
  • Improve memory efficiency when storing large set of 3DS 1 configured merchants.