Netcetera 3DS Server - Release Notes - Version


Published: 30.06.2022

Version is a minor release of the Netcetera 3DS Server.


This version is backwards compatible with previous 2.5.x.x versions of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

Important notification

Versioning changes

New Versioning V3 model is introduced for better visibility of schemes in which ranges the card account number was found and improving the scheme resolution logic. Old versioning model V1 and V2 will remain available until 15th of September 2022. On 15th of September Versioning V1 and V2 model will be depreciated, hence timely switching to the new Versioning model V3 is highly recommended.

Known issues

In release, we have a known issue with Eureka Service Discovery that is arising from Eureka not being able to support Jersey 2. Due to this issue we will be temporarily disabling the Eureka Service Discovery and enabling a scheduler that periodically checks for changes in the database configuration and automatically reloads it. With these changes applied, each time you do a Validate and Reload of the configuration in the Admin UI you will get an error message "Failure. Unable to reload 3DS Server Configuration. There are no 3DS Server Instances available.". This is a normal behaviour and you can ignore the error message. You should still use the Validate and Reload button so the scheduler can pick up the changes of the configuration and automatically reload it. Fix will be provided in the next major release according to already planed upgrades.


New Features

  • Versioning response model V3:
    • Extended to support returning multiple versioning response elements in case the card was found in multiple card ranges from different schemes.
    • Introduced field in the Versioning response Directory ServerID (RID) Registered Application Provider Identifier that is unique to the payment system.
    • Versioning V3 supports the upcoming EVM 3DS 2.3. protocol version.
  • Authentication Request scheme resolution logic is updated

Providing Scheme ID remains optional:

  • If Scheme ID is provided in the request then the resolving of the card ranges will be done for the specified Scheme.
  • If Scheme ID is not provided in the request then the resolving of the Scheme ID will be done by using the card account number sent in the request against all available Schemes. The possible outcomes of this search are:
    • The card account number is found in only one DS card range. In this case the Scheme ID will be resolved from the Scheme the card range belongs to.
    • The card account number is found in multiple DS card ranges. In this case the Scheme ID will be resolved from the international Scheme that the card range belongs to (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners).

According to the scheme resolution logic, if the card range is found in the card ranges from multiple Schemes (eg. CB and Visa), then preference is given to the international schemes (e.g. Visa). In case the intention is to use the local scheme (e.g. CB), that schemeId must be provided in the Authentication Request.

To find out more about these changes visit the Versioning and Authentication pages.

  • Implemented Result Response pull mechanism. It is now possible to enable the feature of pulling the Result Response on organization level. More info can be found at the 3DS Results Response Data page.
  • Search functionality:
    • Introduced a search bar/option within the 3DS Server SaaS technical documentation.


  • Admin UI / Search Transactions:
    • Added new possibility to filter the transactions by acs operator ID.
    • Added new possibility to filter the transactions by merchant country code.
    • Added new possibility to filter the transactions by challenge cancellation indicator.
  • Removed notification on tenant organizations in the Admin UI when default configuration is updated. From now on, the responsibility to reload the schemes configuration of the tenants is on the admin user of the default configuration.
  • Added a spinner animation for better user experience on the "Validate And Reload Configuration" button in the Admin UI. It will notify the users that the configuration is reloading and validating until gets done.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the error message with a not found message when transaction with non existing ID is searched in 3DSS Admin UI.
  • Added null check for protocol version while exporting transactions logs to excel.