Netcetera 3DS Server - Release Notes - Version


Published: 20.12.2023

Version is a major release of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

Important notification

  • In line with the sunset of 3DS 1.0 protocol version applied globally by all major Schemes (Card Networks), Netcetera 3DS Server will stop the support of this protocol version and 3DS 1.0 artifacts will be removed from the product in the next major version.
  • New Versioning V4 API endpoint was introduced in v2.8.1.0 for better visibility of Schemes in which ranges the card was found and easier integration. The /3ds/v3/versioning endpoint will be removed in the next major version.
  • In order to simplify the validate and reload mechanisam, starting from this release, the 3DS Admin has no more the responsibility to notify the 3DS Server(s) about configuration changes. Now, the 3DS Admin only validates and updates the configuration in the underlying storage and it is the 3DS Server(s) themselves that take care of reloading their configuration. With that in place, once a user makes configuration changes in the 3DS Admin, the 3DS Server will load them 1 minute later.
  • Please note that we do no longer support IE11. Admin UI is based on Angular, and the supported browser versions are directly linked to the Angular versions. We regularly update our Angular versions to be up to date with the latest dependencies and minimize any potential risk for vulnerabilities.


New Features

  • The existing method initiateSPCAuthentication from the Netcetera 3DS Web SDK now include an automatic timeout of 60 seconds for handling SPC authentication, preventing incomplete transactions due to abandoned or neglected authentication processes. For more information, check this page.


  • The method initiateSPCAuthenticationWithProvidedPurchaseCurrency has been removed from the Netcetera 3DS Web SDK, as the latest EMVCo standard will be universally adopted, rendering this method obsolete.
  • Improved the OpenAPI files with marked required fields.

Bug Fixes

  • The issue with the default value for checkbox filters on Transaction Search in the Admin UI has been resolved, ensuring that false is now correctly sent in the search request when the checkbox is not selected, replacing the previous behavior of sending a null value.
  • Fixed Admin UI issue where the message indicating no results would inaccurately appear despite finding transactions when users search by Transaction ID.
  • Fixed the validation for the eci field within the Results Requests for JCB scheme. This validation will now activate specifically when the message category is Payment, and the transaction status in the Results Request is either Yes or Unavailable.
  • Fixed Admin UI issue where information regarding VReq messages was not displayed when searching transactions by ID, for transactions where VReq was sent.
  • Fixed protocol messages logging in case there is an 'Erro' message without threeDSServerTransId present.
  • Removed the blank spaces from the iFrame attributes in the nca-3ds-web-sdk causing DOMException when iFrame is created.