3DS Server Transactions Search

The 3DS Server Admin web application provides a Search Transactions tab which allows searching the 3DS Server Transactions by two searching parameters: 3DS Server Transaction ID or Time Period. The two searching parameters are not co-dependent and the transactions should be always searched by only one parameter.

If Time Period is chosen as a searching parameter the transactions are filtered by the time of their occurrence choosing between last 5 minutes, last 30 minutes, etc., maximum 2 hours. This view shows table containing 3DS Server Transaction IDs and their timestamps. The 3DS Server Transactions IDs are clickable and when clicked on any of them the search will be transformed to a Search by the corresponding 3DS Server Transaction ID.

If 3DS Server Transaction ID is chosen as a searching parameter, the 3DS Server Admin application will list all the 3DS Server messages related to that 3DS Server Transaction ID and their details.