Netcetera 3DS Server - Release Notes - Version


Published: 25.03.2022

Version a patch release of the Netcetera 3DS Server.


This version is backwards compatible with previous 2.5.x.x versions of the Netcetera 3DS Server.



  • Enabled externalized configuration of the rest template for posting Results response notification to the Requestor environment. For detailed information, refer to threedsserver.results-response. * properties inside 3DS Server Configuration Properties.
  • Implemented a retry mechanisam for posting the Results response to the Requestor environment in case when the Requestor service is unavailable (503 - Service Unavailable response is received) or an IOException occurs (except for the following non-retriable IOException classes: InterruptedIOException, UnknownHostException, ConnectException, SSLException). The number of retry times and retry interval are configurable. Refer to threedsserver.results-response.retry-times and threedsserver.results-response.retry-interval properties inside 3DS Server Configuration Properties.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated validation error message for 3DS Requestor ID field from threeDSRequestorID to threeDSRequestorId when validating the Authentication Request.
  • Fix broken population of information in the MDC context when logging protocol messages in file.