3DS Results

The outcome of a challenged transaction will be communicated between the ACS, DS and 3DS Server through the Result message exchange. For this, the ACS will send the Result Request towards the DS which forwards it to the 3DS Server. The 3DS Server will then:

  • respond to the DS with a RRes that it has received and can read the Result Request
  • send the Result Response to the 3DS Requestor

Both steps happen simultaneously.

As a consequence, the 3DS Requestor responds to our 3DS Server Result Response to let us know the message exchange was successful. Since the result message exchange is crucial within a challenged transaction flow, we have recently implemented enhancements which shall provide more flexibility to our customers and make the message exchange more stable.

  1. As a simplified alternative to the multi organization functionality, from Version of the 3DS Server, we offer to provide the Results Response notification URL via the 3DS Server API Authentication request (See more information under resultsResponseNotificationUrl field in ThreeDSServerAuthenticationRequest#MerchantData).

With this feature, customers don't need to establish separate organizations to use multiple endpoints.

The URLs are sent in the 3DS Server Authentication request payload from the Requestor, so that the Result Response can be sent to multiple endpoints. This means no routing is needed on Requestor side. In the Admin UI one organization will be existent and visible.

Please be aware that this feature is available on demand.

  1. From patch version of the 3DS Server, the configuration of the timeout for a response on the Result Response notification from the requestor towards the 3DS Server is enabled, which will help to identify flaws in the message exchange.

Further, the 3DS Server can retry a configurable number of times (default 3) with a configurable interval (default 1000 ms) on sending a Result Response notification to the Requestor. The number of retry times and intervals are configurable in the application properties (for further information click here).

Results Response Model

Results Response JSON Samples