3DS Server Transactions Search

The 3DS Server Admin web application provides a Search Transactions tab which allows searching the 3DS Server transactions by:

  • 3DS Server Transaction ID
  • Time period
  • Protocol version
  • Merchant name
  • Merchant configuration ID
  • Acquirer BIN
  • 3DS Requestor ID
  • 3DS Requestor name
  • Purchase amount
  • Device channel
  • Message category
  • Scheme ID
  • Transaction status
  • Transaction status reason
  • 3DS Requestor auth indicator
  • 3DS Requestor challenge indicator
  • Acquirer merchant ID
  • Pay token indicator

Admin Search Transactions

The user can select own defined time period or can choose from the shortcuts (the last 5 minutes, the last 2 hours, etc.). The search using any other searchable parameter (except 3DS Server transaction ID) must be combined with a time period. The initial results table contains the 3DS Server transaction ID and timestamp, but can be extended with the searchable columns.

Admin Search Transactions Period

The 3DS Server Transactions IDs are clickable and when clicked on any of them, the 3DS Server Admin application will list all the 3DS Server messages related to that 3DS Server Transaction ID and their details.

Admin Search Transactions Transaction ID

There is also a possibility to export the search as an excel file or in csv format. The exported file always contains all searchable fields as columns in the results table, no matter which of them are chosen in the web view.