3DS Server Admin Installation Manual

System requirements

Operating system

The 3DS Server Admin is recommended to be run on a Linux/Unix based operating system. E.g.

  • a GNU/Linux distribution (Example: CentOS)
  • a BSD derivative (Example: OpenBSD)
  • Mac OS X
  • Solaris

It's possible to run the 3DS Server Admin on Windows. However, you will have to write your own scripts to control (i.e . start/stop) the 3DS Server Admin. Alternatively you can install Bash and additional tools (rm, dirname, tail, less) on Windows (e.g. via Cygwin) to run the 3dssadminuictl script shipped with the 3DS Server.


Software Requirements

To run the 3DS Server Admin application the following software installations are needed:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 11
  • Bash shell (to run the scripts)
  • Unix utilities used in the scripts: cat, curl, grep, less, sed, tail, tr

Browser requirements

Please note that we do no longer support IE11. Admin UI is based on Angular, and the supported browser versions are directly linked to the Angular versions. We regularly update our Angular versions to be up to date with the latest dependencies and minimize any potential risk for vulnerabilities.

The 3DS Server Admin should be run on browsers that support Angular 13. E.g.

  • Chrome - latest version
  • Firefox - latest and extended support release (ESR)
  • Edge - 2 most recent major versions
  • Safari - 2 most recent major versions
  • iOS - 2 most recent major versions
  • Android - 2 most recent major versions

Installation guide

The 3DS Server Admin application is shipped together with the 3DS Server. Unzip the 3DS Server package (nca-3dss-package-<version>.zip) to a directory of your choice.

This will create the following directory structure rooted at $THREEDS_HOME:

Directory structure

Configuration of the 3DS Server Admin

3DS Server Admin configuration properties can be set via $THREEDS_HOME/3ds-admin-ui/conf/application.properties. For details on the available configuration properties refer to the 3DS Server Admin Configuration Properties documentation.

Startup the 3DS Server Admin

You can start the 3DS Server Admin using the 3dssadminuictl script:

Optionally, java parameters can be passed.

Similarly you can stop the 3DS Server Admin using the following command:

Testing the installation

To check whether the 3DS Server Admin application is up and running, navigate to http(s)://<host>:<port>. If everything went fine, you should see the 3DS Server Admin. Otherwise, check the log files under $THREEDS_HOME/3dss-admin-ui/logs for errors.