Netcetera 3DS Server - Release Notes - Version


Published: 18.10.2022

Version is a major release of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

For documentation about this release please refer to the documentation site.


This version is NOT backwards compatible with previous versions of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

Important notification


According to notification, we are removing support for EhCache. The default cache manager now will be Redis.

Versioning changes

New Versioning V3 model was introduced in version as an improvement in the scheme resolution logic. To provide the maximum flexibility and rational adaptation period to our customers, old versioning models V1 and V2 will remain available until end of year 2022. Old Versioning V1 and V2 model will be deprecated with the upcoming major release Timely switching to the new Versioning model V3 is highly recommended.

Upgrade Notes

This release removes the logic in the transaction migration tool for the migration of the transactions from the transactions_log table to the new transaction data model that was introduced in As the transactions history tables are not used anymore the following application properties have been removed from the Netcetera Admin application:

  • threedss.transaction-logs.scheduled-moving.enabled=
  • threedss.transaction-logs.scheduled-moving.cron=
  • threedss.transaction-logs.scheduled-moving.batch-size=
  • threedss.transaction-logs.scheduled-moving.days-before-moving=


New Features

  • Added the option to insert Merchants in bulk through the Admin UI application. To find out more about these changes visit the Insert Merchants in bulk page.
  • Added the option to save filter preferences while using the search functionality in the Admin UI.


  • The following DB versions are deprecated:
    • PostgreSQL 9.6 (next minimum supported is 12)
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (next minimum supported is 2019)
  • The following 9 prometheus metrics that were deprecated are officially deleted:
    • 3ds-server.versioning.requests.duration
    • 3ds-server.3ds.method.notification.requests.duration
    • 3ds-server.authentication.requests.duration
    • 3ds-server.ds.authentication.requests.duration
    • 3ds-server.preparation.requests.duration
    • 3ds-server.ds.preparation.requests.duration
    • 3ds-server.results.requests.duration
    • 3ds-server.challenge.requests.duration
    • 3ds-server.exceptions
  • Ability to export more than 10000 transaction results in the Admin UI for ElasticSearch. There are max 10 000 transaction results shown in the search result page for performance reasons, but the total number of transactions is visible and it is possible to export all in CSV and Excel format.
  • Error is not logged anymore when ThreeDSMethodURL is null during V3 Versioning.
  • Improved input fields validations in Admin UI Search Transaction.
  • Removed the following unused columns in the following tables:
    • directory_server (threeds_requestor_id and threeds_requestor_name)
    • acquirer_bin (directory_server_id and ds_and_upop_server_cred_id)
    • merchant_acquirer (directory_server_id and ds_and_upop_server_cred_id)
  • Improved error message when results request for non-existent transaction is received.
  • Simplified the searching in Admin UI Search Transactions by removing redundant search fields on results table.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error while updating Acquirer configuration in the Admin UI.
  • Fixed the active page bug in Admin UI Search Transactions when transaction is selected from the results.
  • Fixed the Admin UI Search Transactions for doing a search while the user searching is located on a page different from the first one from the previous search.
  • For mysql, auth_factor_information_sequence table is created and auto_increment is removed from auth_factor_information table