Netcetera 3DS Server Documentation

Netcetera 3DS Server is an EMVCo certified 3DS Server solution for handling online transactions and facilitating the communication between the 3DS Requestors and the Directory Servers.

Netcetera 3DS Server is the first EMVCo approved 3-D Secure 2.0 product in Europe and second worldwide. It is certified for 2.1.0, 2.2.0 and 2.3.1 versions of the EMV 3DS protocol. Netcetera 3DS Server is among the first EMV 3DS 2.3.1 certified 3DS Servers.

Our 3DS Server handles 3DS 1.0 transactions. This add-on feature is available on customer request. Find more information in the 3DS 1.0 section.

Current features

  • 3DS Server 2.x API
    • Versioning
    • Authentication Request creation
    • Authentication Response validation
    • Handle Challenge Cancelled (in case when 3DS Requestor opted out of the challenge)
    • Send Results Response to Requestor upon receiving Results Request
    • Handle final Challenge Response from the ACS
  • 3DS 1.0 / Union Pay API
    • Create PaReq / Validate PaRes
    • Create AuthReq / Validate AuthRes / Inquire Auth Status
  • Integration via web-services
    • Accept JSON POST parameters
    • Return JSON message
  • 3DS Protocol Message logging
    • Log in filesystem
    • Log in database (only with Database configuration)
  • Cluster setup support with session replication
  • Performance and failure statistics
  • Session replication
  • Packaged as executable JAR with embedded Tomcat
  • 3DS Server configuration
    • XML Configuration
    • Database Configuration
      • PostgreSQL 12 or higher
      • MySQL 8.0.13 or higher
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 or higher
      • Oracle 19.0c or higher
  • 3DS Server Admin Web Application (only with Database Configuration)
    • Configuration across instances
    • Health checks (Database, external systems)
    • 3DS Server Transactions Search

Components Overview

3DS Server Components Overview