Netcetera 3DS Server - Release Notes - Version


Published: 22.05.2020

Version is a patch release of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

For documentation about this release please refer to the documentation site.

Be informed that prior to upgrading to a Netcetera 3DS Server 2.2.x version, you need to get in contact with Diners for enrollment of the merchants using the new reference number, due to a specific Diners process of relating merchants to 3DS Server reference number on their systems.


This version is backwards compatible with previous 2.2.x.x versions of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

Important notification

In version the transaction_log and history_transaction_log tables' primary key is changed to a composite key of (threedss_transaction_id, message_type). Be sure not to have null values in these two columns, nor duplicates of the (threedss_transaction_id, message_type) pair before the upgrade to any 2.2.* version.


Bug Fixes

  • Take into account tables created from other users on the database scheme when checking for existent table in Oracle database.
  • Correctly set the underlying database schema when creating / updating authentication tables.