Netcetera 3DS Server - Release Notes - Version


Published: 20.08.2020

Version is a minor release of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

For documentation about this release please refer to the documentation site.

Be informed that prior to upgrading to a Netcetera 3DS Server 2.2.x version and rolling out to production, you need to get in contact with Diners for enrollment of the merchants using the new reference number due to a specific Diners process of relating merchants to 3DS Server reference number on their systems.

Furthermore, be informed that we’re planning to deprecate the following DB versions:

  • PostgreSQL 9.5 (next minimum supported is 9.6)
  • MySQL 5.7 (next minimum supported is 8.0.13)
  • Oracle 12.0c (next minimum supported is 19c)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (next minimum supported is 2016)

In addition, EhCache version 2 that we are currently using is no longer updated by EhCache. Therefore, we would need to update to EhCache 3.


This version is backwards compatible with previous 2.2.x.x versions of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

Important notification

In version the transaction_log and history_transaction_log tables' primary key is changed to a composite key of (threedss_transaction_id, message_type). Be sure not to have null values in these two columns, nor duplicates of the (threedss_transaction_id, message_type) pair before the upgrade to any 2.2.* version.

Upgrade notes

  • This release introduces new configuration properties for the Netcetera 3DS Server and Netcetera Admin applications. For detailed documentation please refer to the configuration properties. These are the included changes:

New Admin configuration Properties that should be configured:



Find more information in the 3DS Server Admin configuration properties.

New 3DS Server configuration Properties that should be configured:


Find more information in the 3DS Server configuration properties.


The threeRIInd field is required for 3DS 2.2 authentication requests for payment and non-payment transactions.

New Features

  • The 3DS Server reference number is configurable per Directory Server. Valid Netcetera 3DS Server reference numbers can be selected via the Admin UI (or configured in the XML configuration) or custom reference numbers can be assigned if testing mode is enabled. Testing mode should be enabled if a scheme requires change of the 3DS Server reference number during certification testing. To enable testing mode, set threedsserver.testing-mode.enabled to true. If advanced mode of configuration is used (i.e. database-persisted configuration) this flag should be enabled for both the 3DS Server and 3DS Admin applications. Please keep in mind that for production threedsserver.testing-mode.enabled must be set to false and a valid reference number should be selected in the DS configuration.
  • Add "Validate and reload configuration" button to Timeout and URL configuration page.
  • Add new 3DS Server API endpoint for fetching all card ranges. Find more information in the 3DS Server API. This feature is only available for the advanced mode of 3DS Server Configuration (i.e. database-persisted configuration).
  • Add support for Spring Data Redis cache manager.


  • Transaction search checks how old a transaction log is before migrating it to the history_transaction_log table instead of periodically migrating all transaction logs.
  • XML configuration is validated on 3DS Server startup.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix out of memory issue when exporting large set of transactions in an Excel file.
  • Fix error when attempting to add 3DS 1.0 DS and UPOP server credentials with only the password set and no certificate store.
  • Fix logging of protocol type.
  • Fix MDC 3DS Server transaction ID for scheduled preparation requests.