Netcetera 3DS Server - Release Notes - Version


Published: 18.07.2023

Version is a minor release of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

For documentation about this release please refer to the documentation site.


This version is backwards compatible with previous version of the Netcetera 3DS Server.

Important notification

Versioning changes

New Versioning V4 model is introduced for better visibility of Schemes in which ranges the card was found and easier integration. The old versioning model V3 will remain available until beginning of 2024. Timely switching to the new Versioning model V4 is highly recommended.


  • Two new columns have been added into the logged transaction table: "versioningReceived", as an indicator whether Versioning request is received or not, and "areqReceived", as an indicator whether Authentication request is received or not after the Versioning request.

New Features

  • The Netcetera 3DS Web SDK is extended with two new methods that expand its functionality:
    • isBrowserSPCAuthenticationSupported - this method allows you to check if the browser supports SPC authentication. It provides a convenient way to verify compatibility before initiating SPC authentication.
    • initiateSPCAuthenticationWithProvidedPurchaseCurrency - with this new method, you can initiate SPC authentication when the ARes protocol message is in EMVCo format <= 2.3.1. This addition enables seamless integration of SPC authentication in scenarios where the protocol message conforms to the specified version. Furthermore, we have made improvements to the existing method initiateSPCAuthentication by leveraging the benefits introduced in EMVCo version Instead of passing the purchase amount and currency as parameters, they are now retrieved directly from the spcTransData field in the Authentication Response. As a result, the parameters purchaseAmountand purchaseCurrency are no longer required, simplifying the invocation of SPC authentication. For more information check this page.
  • Added new ds-client.preparation.request.cron-expression application property for the 3DS Server application. This property can be used for configuring the cron expression for executing the scheduled preparation requests. The property is optional and if it is configured will take precedence over the periodic configuration, defined by the ds-client.preparation.request.interval.hours property, for the execution of the scheduled preparation requests.
  • Versioning V4 model is introduced for better visibility of Schemes in which ranges the card was found and easier integration when processing local transactions is not needed. This new version of Versioning API is available on the /3ds/versioning and /3ds/v4/versioning endpoints. Versioning Response model and JSON samples, can be found here.
  • Extended Admin UI Transaction search with new filter "Versioning Request Received", as an indicator whether Versioning request is received or not for logged transactions.
  • Added support to the newest EMV 3DS protocol version. Main changes include:
    • data structure adaptation with new fields (transChar and dsAuthInfVerifInd) and values (for threeRIInd, authenticationMethod, threeDSReqAuthMethod)
    • adapted validation rules for acsHtml, threeDSServerToDsUrl, currency and threeDSReqAuthData
    • transaction status of the final CRes can now be "D" (decoupled)
    • error description and detail for code 313 (Inconsistent RReq message) is adapted to include the case of transaction status "S" (SPC)
  • Updated specific validation rules for scheme Mada, aligning with the latest specification v1.5.


  • Adapted Mastercard specific validation rules according to their new Mastercard Identity Check Program Guide.
    acquirerMerchantId and acquirerBin must be present for Non Payment transactions in the Authentication Request.
  • Enriched the logging with merchant configuration ids of the successfully deleted merchants when using the delete in bulk functionality.
  • Introduced new elasticsearch.logged.transaction.index configuration property for the 3DS Server and Admin applications which opens up the possibility to dynamically provide the index name in Elasticsearch.

Bug Fixes

  • Adapted OpenAPI specification files to conform with the latest changes introduced in the API by the new 2.3.x protocol.
  • Fixed 'Pay token index' filter in Transaction Search when ElasticSearch is used.