Delegated Auth

Merchant authentication for a one-click checkout

Take control over the process of authentication and enable a smooth shopping experience that will retain your customers and increase your conversion rate

Decrease Fraud

Have the full control of your authentication

Increase conversion rates and revenue

Keep your customers in your domain

Reduce latency in the checkout process

Faster and more convenient checkout


Netcetera Delegated Auth connects merchants and PSPs with card network programs and issuers. With our solution, merchants don’t have to individually connect with each card network, but rather use our product as an application and enjoy the benefits of having the customer authentication within their domain. Netcetera Delegated Auth offers merchants a full control of the user journey in order to provide their customers a smooth user experience, while remaining compliant with both regulative and payment networks’ requirements.

Michael Schoch

Senior Product Manager at Netcetera

Authentication with FIDO accepted by EMVCo and Visa and Mastercard
Registration of several authentication types
Authentication Server operated in Amazon Web Services
Delegated Authentication
Compliant and certified with Visa and Mastercard’s Delegated Authentication program
DA components: iOS SDK; Android SDK; Web JS SDK to support mobile and browser
Developed with all required security standards

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Certified end-to-end solution

Support from the beginning until the very end


Quick and easy integration

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Supporting you every step of the way

Export support for onboarding and enrollment with the card networks


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In the ever-growing world of online payment, consumers deserve safe,
secure, and convenient shopping, as quick and easy as possible

With the introduction of PSD2 regulative and Strong Customer Authentication, merchants face problem in providing a seamless checkout for their customers. The need for additional authentication means switch between merchant’s and issuer’s domain, making consumers reluctant to return to shopping. For your business this means increase of abandonment rate and revenue loss.

By adding an additional authentication, SCA added friction during checkout by redirecting consumers to another domain. As a solution for SCA under PSD2, a new standard called 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) was created, requiring merchants to deliver additional data with each transaction, so that the bank determines if the cardholder is the real transactor. Thus, this impacted the payment experience of online shoppers, and as a result – the online businesses’ conversion rate:


European average transaction failure rate due to 3DS2 (July 2021) Source


decrease in conversion rates of 3DS transactions compared to non-3DS transactions (Europe average) Source


transactions lost due to 3DS authentication failure (Europe average) Source


transactions lost due to customer abandonment during the 3DS process (Europe average) Source

The solution can be found in Delegated Authentication, which simplifies the payment flow by transferring responsibility for authentication from the issuer to the merchant who fulfills predefined criteria. With Delegated Authentication, the cardholder authentication for online payment is performed within the merchant domain itself, the customer is no longer redirected to the issuer interface, giving the merchant full control of the authentication process.

For merchants this means offering a checkout process with reduced latency, decreased fraud for maximum security and ultimately – increased conversion rates and revenue.

For customers, this type of authentication in the merchant domain means that they can finish their payment with few steps and biometric verification in the merchant app – regardless of whether they are shopping on PC, tablet, or a smartphone.

Netcetera Delegated Auth is designed to make authentication process as simple as possible,
providing the features that your business needs, without compromise on security and convenience.

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