eCom Exemption Advisor

Your solution for more convenient payment experience

Provide your customers a frictionless online payment process with the right exemption strategy

Increase the conversion rate

Use the right suitable exemption strategy and ease the payment process

Decrease the risk of fraud

RiskShield profiling for calculating the risk and enabling a secure transaction.

Provide more frictionless user experience

Enable cardholders a smooth online payment process


Looking for the ideal balance between payment security and user convenience for your business?
Provide your cardholders a frictionless online payment experience by applying exemption from Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) without endangering the digital payment security.

Netcetera eCom Exemption Advisor enables Merchants, Acquirers and PSPs to define and apply a strategy for using exemptions from SCA to provide your customers a seamless digital payment experience.

Biljana Nikolovska

Senior Product Manager
Secure Digital Payments at Netcetera

Is your client running an online shop, doing everything to convince the visitor to click pay button and finally he does it?

If this was an in-store purchase the merchant could have started celebrating a successful sale since it would have been just a technicality to complete the payment, either by cash or with a payment card, in a matter of seconds. But here the chances that the shopper will not finish the payment process are sky high and the reasons are known: the process lasts too long, a lot of sensitive data need to be filled in, additional authentication step may be applied as a security measure…

How can the merchant prevent losing the shopper in the final step?

There are lot of different answers to this question, and here is one of them: free your online shopper from strong authentication whenever there is a low risk that fraud may happen. Netcetera eCom exemption advisor helps merchants make the right decision when to do it by defining and applying an exemption strategy from SCA.


Risk assessment in real time with RiskShield by Inform

Calculate the risk at the very beginning of the transaction flow in order to minimize friction while still process a secure transaction. RiskShield profiles different entities such as: card, merchant, IP address, device, shipping address and mail. If all data is acceptable and the variations are in the allowed frame, then the risk will be low.


Check for the application of an exemption

(Advice formation by risk assessment and possible exemption)

  • Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA)
  • Low-value Payment
  • Recurring Payments Exemption
  • One Leg Transaction
  • Risk for Delegated Authentication

Applying exemption strategy and deciding whether the transaction should be sent

  • with Acquirer’s exemption directly to authorization, skipping the 3DS flow, or
  • with/without Acquirer’s exemption to 3DS authentication

Providing feedback to the risk engine

  • Sent the authentication/authorization results back to the eCom Exemption Advisor to let it learn for the future
  • Constantly and dynamically updating the cardholder’s profile in RiskShield engine with every new transaction
Supports both protocol versions:
3DS 1.0 & EMV 3DS 2.X
Supports browser and app-based payments
Risk level management and control of liability shift with Inform RiskShield solution.
eCom Exemption Advisor
Card network neutral
Control over the risk assessment
Flexible Exemption handling.
Customizable choice of exemptions and risk configuration.

Increase your conversion rate with our solution


Customized smart exemption rules

Choice of exemptions is up to the customer and it can be extendable for new exemption types for different regions.


Control the liability shift

Risk level management and control of liability shift with Inform RiskShield solution.


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Compliant with all regulations

Full compliance with national and international regulations

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Merchants and PSPs want to provide a safe and seamless payment experience in order to boost the revenue. Cardholders want to experience ease, convenience and value when shopping online.


of merchants consider online payment fraud as No 1 risk for their business


of abandonments during checkout occure due to a complicated checkout process.

In order to improve security, PSD2 regulative imposes a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) that authenticate the cardholder by demanding a two-factor verification. This leads to an online shopping experience with friction, that makes cardholders do an extra step for finishing their transaction.

This is where our solution steps in!

eCom Exemption Advisor enables Merchants, Acquirers and PSPs to define and apply a strategy for using exemptions from SCA in order to provide their customers a seamless digital payment experience.

Choice of exemptions is up to the customer and it can be extendable for new exemption types for different regions.

Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA)
Risk score: lowPayment range: 100€ – 500€

Can be applied only for low-risk transactions if merchant, acquirer, or PSP is doing a risk assessment. Beside the low-risk precondition, TRA is limited with purchase amount trash hold, or Exemption Threshold Value (ETV), based on the acquirer’s fraud rate.

Low-value Payment
Transaction amount:  ≤ 30€

This refers to a transaction that does not exceed 30 euros. In addition, the total amount of last SCA should not exceed  100 euros, or the total number of previous transactions initialed by the payer since the last SCA should not exceed 5 consecutive transactions.

Recurring Payments Exemption

This applies to a transaction which follows an initial payment where SCA was applied. All subsequent payments must come from the same payee and must be smaller or equal than the first authenticated transaction.

One Leg Transaction
This occurs when the Issuer or the Acquirer of the transaction is not in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Delegated Authentication
With this exemption, the authentication is done by merchants who can perform the cardholder authentication themselves.

More satisfied customers, less abandoned carts, and more revenue with eCom Exemption Advisor

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