Netcetera Demo Merchant (NDM) Simulator


The NDM Simulator provides a Simulator web application which returns different types of ARes/RReq based on preconfigured cardholder account numbers. At the moment, the web application only supports the simulation of 3DS 2.x transactions.

The most left column lists the possible 3DS response templates for a specific cardholder account number. By clicking on any of them, the Authentication Request form in the middle will be filled. The NDM Simulator web application allows overriding the Authentication Request fields values. However, it is not recommended to override the Account number to a number for which simulated response configuration does not exist.

Different requests can be simulated: 3DS Versioning Request, 3DS Versioning V3 Request, 3DS Method Completion, 3DS Authentication Request. The NDM Simulator web application allows selection of whether a final Challenge Response and Results Request should be simulated. Additionally, as part of the middle column, a section for clearing the whitelisted merchants cache can be found. For more information, please check the page Merchant Whitelisting.

The most right tab lists transactions history of each simulated request and response.

Netcetera Demo Merchant (NDM) Simulator