Netcetera Demo Merchant (NDM) Simulator Documentation

The Netcetera Demo Merchant (NDM) Simulator serves as a helping component to the 3DS Server in order to complete various flows for testing purposes. The functionality is broken down into three groups:

3DS 2.x flows simulation

Depending on the need, а 3DS 2.x Directory Server, a 3DS 2.x ACS or a 3DS Requestor behaviour is simulated. To support 3DS 2.x flows the NDM Simulator:

  • simulates different scenarios of a Directory Server returning a preparation response (valid PRes containing ADD/DELETE card range data, valid PRes without card range data, PRes with invalid serial number, PRes that takes more time than allowed until it is returned, etc.)
  • simulates the 3DS 2.x ACS sending a 3DS Method response to the 3DS Method Notification URL
  • simulates different scenarios of a 3DS 2.x Directory Server response to an Authentication Request
  • simulates a Directory Server sending a RReq to the 3DS Server
  • simulates an ACS sending the final CRes to the 3DS Server

3DS Server API

3DS 1.0 flows simulation

To support 3DS 1.0 flows the NDM Simulator:

  • simulates different scenarios of a 3DS 1.0 Directory Server response to a Verify Enrollment Request (VEReq)
  • simulates a 3DS 1.0 ACS sending Payer Authentication Response (PARes) to a 3DS Server

3DS 1.0 authentication flow

Union Pay flows simulation

To support Union Pay authentication flows the NDM Simulator simulates various responses of a UPOP Server on the following requests sent by the Union Pay Authentication module of the 3DS Server:

  • an Authentication Request
  • an Authentication Status Inquiry Request

Union Pay authentication

Union Pay Inquiry