Netcetera Demo Merchant - Release Notes - Version 2.0.5


Published: 27.06.2019

Version 2.0.5 is a minor release of the Netcetera Demo Merchant.

For documentation about this release please refer to the documentation site.


This version is fully backwards compatible with version 2.0.4 of the Netcetera 3DS Server. This version is NOT fully backwards compatible with versions 2.0.3 and earlier of the Netcetera 3DS Server. Please check the respective release notes of version 2.0.4.

NOTE: Make sure to carefully read the release notes of previous versions when skipping versions during upgrade.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix NullPointerException when simulating default authentication response type when no simulated authentication response configuration per cardholder account number is present
  • Prevent simulator to send SDK related fields in ARes if transaction is BROWSER-based (deviceChannel=02)