Netcetera Demo Merchant - Release Notes - Version


Published: 14.03.2024

Version is a major release of the Netcetera Demo Merchant.

For documentation about this release please refer to the documentation site.


This version is NOT backwards compatible with previous versions of the Netcetera Demo Merchant.

Important notification

  • End-of-support for Java 11. The Netcetera Demo Merchant supports Java 17. Java 11 is now deprecated and compatibility has been dropped with this release. Please ensure you have migrated your environment to Java 17 before installing this version.
  • End-of-support for 3DS 1.0 transactions. The Netcetera Demo Merchant will no longer support 3DS 1.0 flows.
  • Please note that we do no longer support IE11. Admin UI is based on Angular, and the supported browser versions are directly linked to the Angular versions. We regularly update our Angular versions to be up to date with the latest dependencies and minimize any potential risk for vulnerabilities.


New Features

  • NDM Simulator is enabled for EMV 3DS transaction simulations:
    • Support of new authentication method Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC). For more information, please refer to 3DS Server technical documentation on SPC flow.
    • Extended the Preparation Request endpoints to be able to return 2.3.1 Preparation Responses.
  • Added new configuration property for defining the RReq sending endpoint, the configuration is:
    • ds-simulator-config.send-rreq-to-ds - true, false
  • Extended challenge flow configuration with the possibility to adjust the authenticationMethod value returned in RReq for the different types. The configuration properties are:
    • threedsdemo.simulated-otp-responses.authentication-method
    • threedsdemo.simulated-oob-responses.authentication-method
    • threedsdemo.simulated-single-responses.authentication-method
    • threedsdemo.simulated-multi-responses.authentication-method
  • Versioning V4 button added in the NDM UI
  • Introduced new endpoint /ds/valid-pres-card-range-data-file-url for simulating PRes, including a fully qualified URL of the DS File containing the Card Range Data for download, or a regular PReq depending on the cardRangeDataDownload indicator. Find more information under NDM Simulator Integration with the 3DS Server
  • Extended the NDM Simulator to process proprietary requests from the JCB 3DS Test Platform, making it ready for certification processes with JCB.


  • Possibility to configure OOB simulated responses based on the cardholder number. Find more information under Challenge Flow Configuration.
  • Modify the creq-form to interpret pressing the 'Enter' key as clicking on the 'Confirm' button.

Bug Fixes

  • issuerImage and psImage resources populated in the Challenge response message in APP flow, are now added as static resources and can be accessed by the clients.