The future of secure e-commerce is now!

eCOM Tokenizer

Security as a prerequisite for success in ecommerce

Technology moves forward, so does fraud!

Lets be a step ahead of the fraudsters and create a secure online shopping environment
with increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhance Security

Sensitive PAN data is exchanged with merchant specific network tokens to lower risk and fraud.

Remove PCI-DSS complexity from merchants

Improve Convenience

Better convenience and increased confidence for cardholders due to intuitive user-experience.

Automated card validity update from issuers to merchants.

Drive Conversion

Increase in approval rates for merchants and PSPs.

Transactions secured with cryptograms lead to higher conversion.

Other token-based services

Delegated Authentication, Click To Pay.

As an additional step towards ensuring a seamless customer experience.


Network Tokenization in eCommerce benefits both to the user experience, the conversion rate and the security, so it is a win-win-win for the consumer, the merchant/PSP and the card issuer.


Kurt Schmid

Innovation and Marketing DirectorrnSecure Digital Payments at Netcetera.


Tokenization is a solution that merges the needs of different industry stakeholders. It is about security, convenience, and conversion in the e-commerce business.


The success of your online business depends on the right solution
that you integrate into the payment process to improve your customer’s experience!

eCom Tokenizer – one interface that connects to multiple schemes

The eCOM Tokenizer enables merchants or PSPs to connect to all major schemes’ token
service providers via a single API, without having to go through costly and time-consuming integration
and certification processes with each scheme separately.

Three use cases of network tokenization:

  1. During the card enrollment, the eCOM Tokenizer obtains a network token from the Token Service Provider (TSP).
  2. Through the checkout, each transaction is strengthened with an additional element, the cryptogram, which contributes to higher security.
  3. The lifecycle management tool ensures seamless and secure ecommerce, where the network token is decoupled from the funding card for notification renewals, and the card data updates happen without any involvement of the cardholder.

Card network neutral service that connects checkout systems with
multiple token services extendable for future payment technologies

Leverage our solution to maximize your revenues

Faster time
to market

Already integrated with scheme token service

Easy implementation
of APIs

One interface to multiple schemes with unified flows


Offered as a service with automatic implementation of scheme updates

In line with the
latest technology

Continuous enhancements of functionalities

Providing digital payment excellence to the ecommerce users!

What makes us the best choice?

We make an impact,
We do it today!

By offering you authentic, innovative and reliable solutions

Netcetera is a global software company with cutting-edge IT products and individual digital solutions. More than 2,000 banks and issuers, and 150,000 merchants rely on our digital payment solutions and globally certified 3-D Secure products. Founded in 1996, Netcetera has 800 employees across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Make a step forward

Experience to date shows that online merchants can improve their conversion rates by approximately 6% with network tokenization compared to normal card on file…

Over the last year the global online sales grew in size by more than 24%.

In 2021, the average cost of a data breach has reached USD 4.24 million, being the highest in the past 17 years. One-third of new shoppers whose transactions were falsely declined will abandon the retailer and switch to a competitor. In fact, Aite Group has estimated that merchants could lose as much as USD 430 billion to false in 2021.

With e-commerce sales forecast to reach $4.2 trillion in 2021 and over 2.14 billion unique shoppers worldwide, getting the online shopping experience right for customers has potentially huge upsides.

Focus on growing your business instead of worrying about fraud and approving transactions.

We are confident in our product

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