3DS CLI Transaction Log Migration Tool Operation Manual


3DS Transaction CLI tool can be used to migrate transaction log data from table transaction_log to tables logged_transaction and logged_protocol_message.

By default, 3DS Transaction CLI Tool uses configuration properties defined in $THREEDS_HOME/3dss-transaction-cli-tool/conf. To use configuration properties from different location, create a directory $THREEDS_TRANSACTION_CLI_TOOL_CONFIG_HOME where you can store the 3DS Transaction CLI Tool configuration (e.g. $HOME/.threeDSServerTransactionCliTool). Copy the sample configuration files from $THREEDS_HOME/3dss-transaction-cli-tool/conf to $THREEDS_TRANSACTION_CLI_TOOL_CONFIG_HOME. Pass the configuration folder as an option when running the 3DS Transaction CLI Tool.


$ $THREEDS_HOME/3ds-transaction-cli-tool/bin/3dstrxmigration.sh -c $THREEDS_TRANSACTION_CLI_TOOL_CONFIG_HOME