3DS Server Multiple PSP Support

The 3DS Server is able to support multiple PSP configurations and single 3DS Server instance can handle multiple PSPs 3DS transactions. This feature is available upon customer request with the advanced model of 3DS Server configuration (database persisted configuration).

Multiple PSP configuration

The 3DS Server Admin application is updated with a new 'Organization Management' section. Find more information in Organization management.

Multiple PSP 3DS transactions processing

The 3DS Server requires a specific 3DS-Organization-ID header on each API request in order to correctly resolve the specific PSP configuration. Each PSP should be given a 3DS-Organization-ID header value and it is actually the Admin assigned organization ID to that specific organization (PSP).

As a point of improvement, there is also a possibility each PSP client certificate to contain the organization ID as a Common Name(CN) content. Depending on the used mechanism for client certificate verification, the client certificate subject can be extracted and sent as 3DS-Organization-ID header value. The 3DS Server has also a feature to resolve the 3DS Organization ID from a Client certificate Subject sent as header, if the organization ID is set as Common Name (CN).