MPI Integration Manual

Web Service API

The web services are mapped under /mpi and handle HTTP POST requests. I.e. to call createPaReqIfEnrolled post your request to /mpi/3ds/createPaReqIfEnrolled.

3DSecure API

The MPI provides two web service operations to support 3-D Secure transactions:

Operation Request Response Description
createPaReqIfEnrolled PaReqCreationRequest PaReqCreationResponse Verifies enrollment with the Directory Server and creates the PaReq to be sent to the ACS.
validatePaRes PaResValidationRequest PaResValidationResponse Validates the PaRes returned by the ACS and provides authentication information.

Union Pay API

The MPI provides three web service operations to support Union Pay transactions:

Operation Request Response Description
createAuthenticationReq AuthReqCreationRequest AuthReqCreationResponse Creates the MsgReq to be sent to UPOP.
validateAuthenticationRes AuthResValidationRequest AuthResValidationResponse Validates the MsgRes returned by UPOP and provides authentication information.
inquireAuthenticationStatus AuthStatusInquiryRequest AuthStatusInquiryResponse Inquires UPOP about the status of a transaction

Media Types

The web service operations can consume the following media types:

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • application/xml
  • application/json

    While they can produce the following media types:

  • application/xml
  • application/json

    When calling the web service, specify the media type of your content using the Content-Type HTTP header and specify the media type you wish to get back in the response using the Accept HTTP header.


Refer to the MPI 3DS API and the MPI UPOP API documentation for details about the request / response structures and for sample requests.