Netcetera Merchant Plug-In (MPI) - Release Notes - Version

Version is a minor update of the Netcetera Merchant Plug-In.

For documentation about this release please refer to the documentation site.


This version is fully backwards compatible with version 1.0.0 of the Netcetera Merchant Plug-In.


New Features

  • Support for American Express American Express Verification Value (AEVV)
  • Support for JSecure protocol in VERes
  • Logging of 3-D Secure Error messages sent to the Directory Server and the ACS
  • Send Error messages to the ACS for failed signature validation
  • Documentation site is now part of the MPI distribution



  • Fix validation of the IReq.iReqDetail field (allow 0-2048 instead of 0-256 characters)
  • Add missing mandatory input validation for and Merchant.url