Netcetera Merchant Plug-In (MPI) - Release Notes - Version

Release date: 2016-03-25

Version is a major release of the Netcetera Merchant Plug-In.

For documentation about this release please refer to the documentation site.


This version is NOT fully backwards compatible with version of the Netcetera Merchant Plug-In.

  • MPI requires Java 8 as of this release.

NOTE: Make sure to carefully read the release notes of previous versions when skipping versions during upgrade.


New Features

  • Added configuration option for specifying which TLS versions the MPI should use when connecting to Directory Servers. For more information refer to dsClient.httpsProtocols property in the MPI properties.
  • Added separate configuration properties for connection and socket timeout when connecting to Directory Servers. For more information refer to dsClient.connectionTimeoutInMilliseconds and dsClient.socketTimeoutInMilliseconds properties in the MPI properties.
  • The TimeoutSeconds for veRes in mpi configuration is treated as an overall VERes business timeout. If MPI fails to receive VERes in the given time, no matter how many Directory Servers have been contacted, it will terminate the process.


  • Added support for resolving directory server endpoints based on runtime health statistics. Every 10 minutes the runtime statistics are being reset to give priority to the first configured directory server endpoint.
  • Added support for MasterCards new bin ranges. For more information refer to panRegex.masterCard property in the the MPI properties.


  • Fixed validation to allow empty cavvAlgorithm for empty cavv when transaction status is not Y or A.